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2V0-21.20 (Question 64)

An administrator places a 300 GB virtual machine named “Finance1” on a 2 TB datastore containing other virtual machines. After virtual machine placement, the datastore has 200 GB of free space. The accounting department takes a nightly snapshot of Finance1, then deletes the previous snapshot. The administrator is concerned about snapshots filling the datastore.

Which statement is true regarding snapshots? (Choose the best answer.)

a) The snapshots on Finance1 cannot outgrow the datastore in less than 24 hours.
b) Any snapshot on Finance1 has the potential to fill the datastore to capacity.
c) vCenter Server will not allow snapshots to fill the datastore beyond 95%.
d) The snapshots on Finance1 will be automatically committed if SEsparse format is used.

Correct Answer: A

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