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2V0-21.20 (Question 29)

A company has a vSphere environment consisting of the following characteristics:

  • A content library named ‘CORP’ is published at corporate headquarters on a vCenter Server named ‘vcenterCorp’.
  • A regional data center contains a set of hosts managed by a vCenter Server named vcenterR1.
  • vcenterR1 subscribes to the CORP content library.

The administrator wants to create a new virtual machine image to use on vcenterR1.

What are two possible ways the administrator can accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

a) Configure vcenterR1 to download all library content immediately.
b) Upload the new image to the CORP library on vcenterR1.
c) Publish the CORP content library on vcenterR1.
d) Upload the new image to the CORP library on vcenterCorp.
e) Upload the new image to a local content library on vcenterR1.

Correct Answer: B – D

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