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2V0-21.20 (Question 3)

An administrator receives an escalation to investigate a low disk space alarm on a datastore. The administrator discovers that a snapshot has been accidentally taken on a production, write-intensive database server. The snapshot has grown to nearly 1 TB in size in less than an hour and continues growing every second.

Which behavior should the administrator expect while deleting the snapshot? (Choose the best answer.)

a) ESXi will create a virtual RAM disk to cache ongoing database write activity; performance impact will be limited.
b) ESXi will commit the snapshot delta disk into the base disk; ongoing database write activity could result in long stun times.
c) ESXi will merge the snapshot delta disk into the base disk; the virtual machine will be briefly stunned.
d) ESXi will instantly switch from the base disk to the snapshot delta disk with no performance impact.

Correnct Answer : A

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