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3V0-624 (Question 26)

A company has requested a new vSphere 6.5 design that will allow it to finally break the 80 virtualization barrier by virtualizing its resource-intensive application.

  • The application is highly available by design and includes application-aware clustering software capable of operating as a fully distributed system.
  • The company’s Application Version 2.0 consists of 386 small applications and middleware with non-persistent storage and 24 database virtual machines at each data center.
  • When coupled with a proper load balancing solution, this application can continue operating even with the loss of an entire data center, but the small applications and middleware tiers within a data center must exist within the same broadcast domain.
  • The database tier is tightly controlled with a firewall policy that only allows middleware tier access, and is replicated to other sites using a dedicated circuit.

Which two application requirements apply to this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. The application will require the configuration of an IGMP stub and helper.
B. Shared storage is required by the application clustering software.
C. The application will require one large subnet.
D. The application will require a method of balancing and recovering sessions between sites.

Correct Answer: BD

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