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3V0-624 (Question 41)

A company has requested that a new vSphere 6,5 design be created.

The existing environment consists of 32 vSphere 6.0 hosts attached to an iSCSI storage array.
The storage arrays contain external customer financial and medical records used by company’s investment and medical services division.

The design must:

Protect the company’s existing data center investment
Expand to a second data center site
Introduce process automation
Expand to and fail over to public cloud

Which two non-functional requirements are applicable for this design? (Choose two.)

A. The product of the design must account for regulatory compliance.
B. The automation solution must be compatible with the existing equipment.
C. The product of the design must feature 3DES encryption at the virtual machine disk level.
D. At least two 10Gbps interfaces must be dedicated to storage on each host.
E. Every host in the design must have Lockdown Mode enabled for security.

Correct Answer: D – E

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