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3V0-624 (Question 47)

A solution architect has been tasked with designing a new environment that meets the needs of a growing company, and has obtained this information.

  • The current capacity will be exhausted in 180 days, and the new infrastructure must be deployed and in production prior to that.
  • The new servers have a 90-day delivery time.
  • A data center for disaster recovery has been selected, and it is 20 miles away and connected by MPLS.
  • The security team will continue to utilize its current investments and VM
  • Encryption for the new environment.
  • The backup team currently uses Data Domain, and reports show an 8:1 compression and deduplication ration for backups.

Based on the information obtained, which two statements are risks for the new design? (Choose two.)

A. MPLS will be used to connect the two data centers.
B. The Change Advisory Board will approve all changes.
C. Current back up space will not be sufficient if using VM Encryption.
D. The current firewalls will support the additional workloads.

Correct Answer: A – C

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