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3V0-624 (Question 5)

A database administrator is operating a virtual machine (VM) configured with 16 vCPU and 64GB of RAM. A recent performance audit has indicated that this virtual machine is oversized and is using less than 60% of its configured CPU and memory capacity.

  • The ESXi host that contains this VM has 2 physical processors with 10 cores per processor, and 128GB of RAM.
  • This physical host’s architecture is split into two equal NUMA nodes.

Which vCPU and RAM configuration for the VM allows for the most resources, but also provides the performance benefit of local NUMA access?

A. 16 vCPU and 32GB RAM
B. 4 vCPU and 16GB RAM
C. 10 vCPU and 64GB RAM
D. 12 vCPU and 64GB RAM

Correct Answer : B

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