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3V0-624 (Question 57)

A company is consolidating its IT operations efforts by moving the Finance, IT, and QA departments towards a self-service environment, following SDDC best practices.

  • All departments have different priorities and expectations for uptime of the required infrastructure and applications
  • Project stakeholders are still discussing final approvals for the budget with the CFO.
  • To drive down the operating cost of the environment, only blade servers will implement this project.
  • To ensure business continuity, a colocation provider was chosen to fail over virtual machines.
  • The implementation of the project will follow a public reference architecture provided by VMware.

What is the assumption in this scenario?

A. The chosen architecture is sufficient.
B. All departments demand different SLAs.
C. Final budget approvals are being discussed.
D. The environment will be shared by several departments.

Correct Answer: D

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