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3V0-624 (Question 8)

A solution architect has finished conducting interviews and gathering requirements for a company, and has determined that the logical requirements are:

  • Two data centers for high availability
  • Synchronous replication to meet the zero minute RPO
  • Separating management workloads from application workloads
  • Dedicated 10Gb uplink for each low latency server
  • Single management point for the entire environmen

Which two actions would meet the design requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Configure 1 Port Group with a dedicated 10Gb Uplink for low latency servers.
B. Deploy two clusters, one for management workloads and one for application workloads.

C. Build 2 Port Groups, one for management servers and one for application servers.
D. Install two vCenter Servers in Enhanced Link Mode.

Correct Answer: A – B

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