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3V0-624 (Question 14)

A company is in the process of deploying a modern video-streaming application.

  • The application is able to scale (expand and collapse) its streaming nodes in the form of CentOS 7.x 64bit virtual machines, based on demand.
  • This IO-Intensive application has a high CPU demand and generates a significant number of disk operations (IOPS).
  • To host the application, the company decided to implement a brand-new VMware cluster with vSphere 6.x.
  • The company would like a significant reduction in CPU utilization as well as possible increase in throughput.

Which virtual disk adapter should be recommended for the company’s physical design?

A. LSI Logical Parallel
B. VMware Paravirtual
C. BusLogic Parallel
D. LSI Logic SAS

Correct Answer: B

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