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3V0-624 (Question 19)

A company provides critical financial and statistical data for several major banks:

  • The company ensures that the bank’s customer data is secure and that analytics data is available when needed.
  • Customers rely on this data before making crucial business and financial decisions.
  • Just a few minutes of downtime can result in loss of revenue and trust.
  • To meet high-availability requirements, the company’s IT infrastructure components must be redundant.
  • The company established three data centers across the global and interconnected them with high-speed WAN links.
  • Due to the rapid growth of its customers and their increasing demands, the compute, network, and storage were procured and managed by the company’s enterprise system administrators group.

What are its two key challenges? (Choose two.)

A. Data centers across the globe possess manageability problems.
B. Availability of business applications must be ensured.
C. Regulatory requirements must be met.
D. Hardware-defined data centers have limitations.

Correct Answer: B – C

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