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3V0-624 (Question 3)

A company is outsourcing its support operations to an external service provide and plans to complete the project by April 1.

  • The external support engineers must have the ability to power cycle, create, and edit virtual machines settings within their assigned vSphere site.
  • The company maintains three vCenter servers in Enhanced Linked Mode that are run as virtual machines in the supported infrastructure.
  • The vCenter servers will be supported by the external service provider
  • Each vCenter server is connected to its own local Platform Services Controller and MSSQL database server.
  • The company will provide escalation support and physical access on a per request basis.
  • 99.9% ESXi host uptime is required in this environment, but no SLA has been specified for the hosted applications.

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3V0-624 (Question 2)
3V0-624 (Question 4)