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3V0-624 (Question 40)

A company has developers located in Eastern Europe (EE) and a QA Department in Bermuda.

  • The company is planning to create an environment based on a blueprint of 4-8 virtual machines for each of the developers and one for every QA project.
  • The proposed configuration will allow each developer to work independently and be able to collapse and re-create the environment as needed.
  • QA Teams will be able to recreate the environment that is required for a specific application.
  • Individual virtual machines in the blueprint are being continually updated with newly available software packages.
  • The company is planning to use the vSphere Content Library to store images and synchronize them between sites.

Which four supported configurations can the company implement? (Choose four.)

A. EE and Bermuda libraries that are backed by an NFS file system.
B. EE and Bermuda vCenter Servers with Enhanced Linked Mode.

C. FTP protocol to transfer data between published in EE and subscribed in Bermuda libraries.
D. Published library in EE backed by an NFS file system while subscribed library in Bermuda is backed up by datastore.
E. A minimum 10 GbE connection between EE published and Bermuda subscribed libraries is required.
F. EE and Bermuda vCenter Servers without Enhanced Linked Mode.

Correct Answer: A – B – D – F

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