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3V0-624 (Question 54)

A company is conducting a technology refresh and has requested assistance with a vSphere 6.5 design.

  • The company has a corporate headquarters and two data centers strategically placed around the country, which provide the bulk of the computer power and storage for their customer-facing stores.
  • The company requires each of its stores to be able to operate independently if connectivity is ever lost.
  • Presently, all stores are configured differently and must be standardized as part of the technology refresh.
  • To support store operations, only a dozen applications are required.
  • Any downtime during store hours could result in significant losses.
  • Any proposed design must minimize cost.

What is a VMware-recommended option for this scenario?

A. VMware vSAN cluster with a minimum of three hosts
B. VMware vSphere cluster with low-cost iSCSI shared storage
C. VMware vSAN Stretched Cluster with nearest regional data center
D. VMware vSAN Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) with two hosts

Correct Answer: C

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